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Manchester Care Home Celebrates Black History Month

HC One’s Averill House care home have been creating displays and finding out information to learn and celebrate Black History Month.

Averill House has created their very own display for Black History Month, and have been discussing prominent black figures in British and American history.

Residents and Colleagues at the home discussed the wind rush generation and the work of Dr Angela Osbourne, who was the independent researcher and heritage consultant who worked on the wind rush scandal. They also read some of the stories from some of the children who arrived on British soil, who wrote about the hardships they have faced.

Resident have also been learning the flags of the African-Caribbean nations involved with the Wind rush operation. They have been reading into the history of the flags and what the imagery and colours represent.

The Residents chose who they wanted on their display from Harriet Tubman to Miss Rosa Parks. Colleagues and Residents discussed the civil rights movement, segregation and also British black heritage and the movement still ongoing today to stop racism.

The home are also going to be having a themed menu this month with traditional black cuisine and dishes to taste.

One of the Residents, Vera Smith, said “it’s been really interesting, I didn’t know all of this and the history is amazing.”