London NHS Service Launches Care Plan For Londoners

Every person in London can now have a personalised care plan

London is in crisis, the NHS is overstretched and the hospitals are full, which puts an enormous strain on our community services. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced London into a 3rd National lockdown.  We know that Care homes have been hugely challenged during this pandemic and that many patients and their families have expressed great anxiety and  concern relating to future care,  challenging decisions and uncertainty relating to appropriate care and treatment.

The NHS has a service in London that can help you to help your residents. It’s called Coordinate My Care (CMC).

CMC is a digital care planning service where, with your help, patients and their families can choose what care they wish to receive in an emergency. Each care plan is personalised. It includes the patient’s diagnosis, medications, wishes and preferences, what to do in an emergency and their resuscitation status.

Please help us to start these plans for your residents by completing an online questionnaire for each of them at

As soon as you complete the questionnaire with your residents and their families and you press the submit button, the questionnaire will automatically go to your resident’s NHS GP. Their GP will then add their clinical details and approve the plan. Once the plan is approved all the urgent care services can view the plan. This way, 111, the out of hours GPs, the ambulance service and the emergency departments will have the key information about your resident and so they won’t be strangers to them when they are called.

CMC will be sending all London care home managers posters to put up in the your care homes and post cards that can be given to the residents and their families. Further information can be obtained at

If you or a colleague would be interested in having a 30 minute training session to learn how to fill in a high quality questionnaire please see below for a schedule of myCMC virtual training sessions. Click the links to register for your preferred date. These times will reoccur every week.

Monday 18th January: 12.00-12:30 – click here
Tuesday 19th January: 15.00- 15.30 – click here
Wednesday 20th January 8.30-9.00 – click here
Thursday 21th January: 16.30-17.00 – click here
Friday 22th January: 10.30 – 11.00 – click here