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Local MP Joins Much-Loved Care Home To Celebrate 21st Birthday With Glittering Awards Ceremony

Staff at a much-loved local care home were joined by their local MP recently to commemorate its 21st birthday with a dazzling awards ceremony.

On Friday 23 June, staff from Newbury Manor Care Home, located on Newbury Lane, celebrated the event in the home’s picturesque garden, making the most of the sunny weather which echoed the warmth of the occasion.

Staff were presented with a host of awards which recognised their long-standing commitment to providing excellent care to residents and families of Newbury Manor. Many of the employees have proudly served the care home for over 20 years, highlighting their unwavering loyalty. This extraordinary dedication is not only a reflection of their personal commitment but also a testament to the nurturing and supportive environment at Newbury Manor.

Shaun Bailey, the local Member of Parliament for West Bromwich also attended the event, paying a personal thanks to the staff for their exceptional dedication to its residents.

In a heartfelt speech to staff during the event, Mr Bailey expressed his immense gratitude, saying, “I want to extend a massive thank you to each and every one of you gathered here today. This is a special moment of appreciation dedicated to all of you. Your unwavering resilience and commitment throughout the pandemic was nothing short of extraordinary and the care and support you provide to residents on a daily basis makes an immeasurable difference to their and their families’ lives.”

Newbury Manor’s owner, Shindar Chall, organised the day’s festivities to express her gratitude, celebrate the care home’s achievements, and show their appreciation for the staff members’ unwavering passion. The event held a special significance for Mrs Chall, who herself has dedicated 21 years to the care home, considering it her second home.

Mrs Chall highlighted the strong sense of community at Newbury Manor, commenting: “As we celebrate our care home’s 21st birthday, I am overwhelmed with appreciation for the exceptional team we have here. The connections we have forged with our residents and among ourselves make Newbury Manor a place of warmth, love, and genuine care.

“Our home’s culture of respect and genuine care has created a workplace where staff members feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to stay for the long term. It’s this atmosphere that enables them to form deep connections with our residents and colleagues, resulting in an exceptional level of care and support. I extend the biggest thank you to all our employees for being the heart and soul of this incredible home.”

During the awards ceremony, each staff member and manager received a personalised glass award, clock, and certificate as tokens of recognition. These mementoes serve as a lasting reminder of their invaluable contributions to the care home’s mission to provide exceptional care to its residents.

















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