Local Hospice Scoops Research Funds To Tackle The Care Crisis In The Elderly

LOROS Hospice has announced a ground-breaking programme of research into care for older people at the end of their lives.

With a £3million research specific investment over the next five years, LOROS’ award-winning research team will conduct studies to find out what care people prefer and what works most effectively.

Numbers of very old people in the UK are increasing substantially with those aged 85 years and older set to grow by 190% by 2040.

As a result, many older people will be living with frailty, and their care requirements will grow increasingly complex.

LOROS’ programme of research will provide vital information on people’s preferences for treatment as well as developing effective, personalised interventions to improve the care available.

It is likely to include a focus on better education for health professionals to improve conversations about end of life, trialling a system for expert treatment decisions when a frail person becomes very unwell and evaluating a peer mentoring scheme to support the families of people living in care homes.

John Knight, CEO of LOROS Hospice said: “We are delighted to be making this announcement today. Opportunities such as this are both rare and hard won. The clear aim is that this wonderful research effort results in even more enhanced patient care – that intention has always been central to LOROS’ mission, vision and values.”

“As the UK’s population ages, the clock is ticking to find solutions to adult social care. We believe this study will make significant progress towards tackling this pressing societal issue and finding treatments which are both effective and affordable.”

The programme of research will cement LOROS’ reputation as a centre of excellence in palliative care.

LOROS’ research success is built on a unique collaboration with the 2,500 patients it cares for each year.

All learning that results from the Hospice’s research is used to educate health professionals and improve patient care, at LOROS Hospice itself but also nationally and internationally.

In addition, the study further develops LOROS’ work with the University of Leicester. The charity is the University’s affiliated teaching hospice and works with medical students to ensure future generations of doctors have first-hand experience of great end of life care.

Professor Christina Faull, LOROS Research Lead, said: “I am delighted and very excited to be asked to lead research at LOROS into this next phase.  We know that patients want the opportunity to be part of research in order to make a difference to others and this investment, the programme of work and our vision as a centre of excellence will enable those differences to be made.”








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