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Leicester Home Unveils a New Sensory Room for Residents and Staff Following Great North Run Success

A Leicester home has unveiled a new sensory room following a successful fundraiser, where staff members took part in the Great North Run.

In September last year Salome Mapfeka, Jade Bown, Yvonne Tooms, and Chris Hughes took part in the Great North Run.

All four of them work at MHA Aigburth and decided to raise funds so the home could create a sensory room for the home.

After raising £2,185, the home managed to hit its target of £2,000 and start work on the room, which has now opened.

Salome Mapfeka, home manager said:
“We managed to raise more than £2,000 for the Great North Run that me and my colleagues participated in.

“The idea of the sensory room was received really well by residents, and we are very happy with the outcome.

“The room was quite dull before and to see how it is now is a huge change.

“We wanted to offer a relaxing space for residents and having a sensory room is very important as it stimulates the mind and has already proven to be very effective

“There is a good balance of light and we allow four people to be in the room at one time as we don’t want it to become overcrowded.

“The room is open to all staff and residents and again I would like to thank everyone who supported the cause and enabled us to go ahead with what we had planned.”














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