Launch Of The New Health And Care Partnership

The Health and Care Partnership has been launched to replace the Department of Health’s National Stakeholder Forum. This new Partnership is to develop a more inclusive, open and ongoing relationship with partners. DH want to develop new ways of working as a Department and increase clarity about their new role in the system. Also, they are keen to build on recent increased satisfaction with how DH engages stakeholders.

“We are taking the opportunity to reflect on the past year. The Department and its partners have achieved the largest ever change to the health and care system since its inception. We have steered this transition through leadership, partnership, planning and cross system working. Most importantly, we have strived to maintain a focus on joining up the system for people who use health and care services.

Looking to the future, we are expressing our goals as:

•            living and ageing well,

•            caring better, and

•            preparing for the future.”

In delivering on these goals the Department of Health will continue to work with partners to achieve the highest standards across the system. The DH’s unique role is that of steward – making sure all parts work together seamlessly for the benefit of patients and service users. The new Health and Care Partnership will be a fundamental part of this.

















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