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Lakeland Dairies Celebrate Afternoon Tea Week With Cake Stand Craft Kit Giveaway!

To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, 8th -14th August, dairy experts Lakeland Dairies have been working with the leading activity charity, the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA), to inspire and support Care Settings create a fun Afternoon Tea event with residents.

On offer from Lakeland Dairies are 50 free Cake Stand Craft Kits! The kits have been specially selected to enable residents to take part in afternoon tea preparations and include 6 x paintable DIY wooden cake stands, 8 x acrylic paints, 1 x wood varnish for a food safety finish, plus 6 bowl scrapers!

Claiming one of the 50 kits is simple, simply upload a photo which includes a pack of Millac Gold Double with a delicious scrumptious scone creation of your choosing at their website

If you don’t have a photo, you can still claim 6 free bowl scrapers. Simply go to the webpage

In addition to the Cake Stand Craft Kit offer, NAPA together with Lakeland Dairies have created a fabulous Afternoon Tea Resource. Packed with practical ideas for Activity Co-Ordinators, Catering and Care Teams from event planning to quizzes, it also includes a Lakeland Dairies’

‘Scrumptious Scone’ supplement which boasts delicious scone recipes featuring Millac Gold Double and Lakeland Dairies Pure Irish Butter, plus fortified creamy cocktail recipes featuring Lakeland Dairies 100% Dairy Skimmed Milk Powder, specially designed to be high in protein.

Jean Cattanach, Marketing Controller at Lakeland Dairies comments. “Afternoon Tea is a fantastic tradition, and in homes across the Island of Ireland guests are often welcomed with a baked scone. As a farmer-owned dairy co- operative, we believe the secret to a great tasting scone is the quality of its dairy ingredients and that’s why we created our Scrumptious Scone resource so all care caterers can join in the fun of Afternoon Tea Week.”

The Scrumptious Scone supplement includes innovative and on-trend flavour pairings such as raspberry with rosemary, and blueberry with lemon, alongside more traditional flavour matches such as chocolate with orange and apple with cinnamon.

Lakeland Dairies celebrate Afternoon Tea Week with Cake Stand Craft Kit Giveaway!

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To download the resource, and redeem the Lakeland Dairies Afternoon Tea Week offer click here


Lakeland Dairies Chocolate & Orange Scone Recipe

– 765g Scones Base Dough
– 50g candied orange
– l0g orange zest

– Make the scone dough, adding the candied orange & orange zest with the flour
– Roll out the dough after chilling and cut out approx. 80gm round pieces
– Brush the top of the scones with egg wash
– Bake at 220°C for 15-17 minutes until the scones are golden on top
– Cool and slice in half

– 300g Millac Gold Double
– 225g Lakeland Dairies Whipping Cream
– 1S0g dark chocolate, chopped

– In a pan heat the Lakeland Dairies Whipping Cream until it boils
– Pour it over the chopped dark chocolate in a bowl and combine using a spatula until a smooth ganache is formed. Cool to room temperature
– Whip up the Millac Gold Double until soft peaks form
– Mix the whipped Millac Gold Double with the chocolate ganache using a spatula until combined