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Joy for Elderly Dementia Residents as They Receive Christmas Cards From Local School

Thoughtful pupils at Ixworth School have brightened up Christmas for the residents of The Beeches residential care home by sending them Christmas cards.

Year 7 children designed and wrote handmade cards to the residents of the home who are elderly and live with dementia.

Bev Shave, deputy manager at The Beeches said:
“It’s so easy for elderly people to feel forgotten and lonely at this time of year and a touching gesture like this can make such a difference.

“Receiving Christmas cards from the children meant so much to the people at The Beeches and we’re so grateful for the thought and time that was put into them. They’re proudly displayed in the home to cheer up everyone who sees them.

“From all of us at The Beeches we would like to say thank you to Ixworth School and wish them all the most lovely Christmas.”

The Beeches team works hard to ensure that Christmas is not a challenging time for those living with dementia and offers advice to people whose relatives have the condition.

Bev said: “If you are looking after a loved one with dementia this Christmas we recommend that you keep things simple, don’t over-complicate the day or overwhelm your loved one.

“Being nostalgic and looking back over years gone by can be really helpful and whatever you do, don’t get wound up by your loved one’s inability to remember. Someone with dementia might not be able to place you or a particular time, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”





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