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Joerns Oxford Up

Joerns Healthcare’s Oxford Up is an active manual stand aid, supporting assisted standing, seated transfers, and patient rehabilitation. Suitable for clients who require some assistance when standing but are able to participate and contribute effort to the process, the Up can also be deployed as a useful rehabilitation aid.

With a safe working load rating of 200kg (31st), the Up quickly and conveniently disassembles into three separate components, significantly easing storage and onward transportation, making it truly portable. Reassembly takes a matter of seconds, and its ready for use again.

An over-sized multi-point push handle eases manoeuvrability for the caregiver, and the foot push pad provides a means of generating forward momentum when moving a patient. Optimum positioning of the swing-away seat pads and knee support help ensure comfort for the patient. Adjustable leg opening allows closer access around furniture, promoting improved patient positioning and general ease of use.

Where additional seated support is required, the Oxford Deluxe Standing sling (With Clips) is fully compatible with the Up and available in three standard sizes: small, medium, and large.

The Oxford Up is available to order now with a standard 5 year warranty for peace of mind! For more information, contact Joerns Healthcare on 0344 811 1158, send an email to or visit our website at