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It’s ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ For Kind-Hearted Care Worker Raising Money For Alzheimer’s Research

A kind-hearted professional carer working for an Eckington Court nursing home has shaved her head for charity his month, raising over £100 so far for Alzheimer’s Society.

Lois Drakett, age 22, has worked for Eckington Court Nursing Home in Penny Engine Lane for two years, and surprised her colleagues and those living at the home by committing to cut off her long brunette hair. She was inspired to carry out the head shave after working with people who live with dementia and Alzheimer’s throughout her time at Eckington Court and said she was determined to help a worthy cause.

Lois added: “I’ve coloured my hair all different shades in the past, and this was the last thing left! I wanted to do it but only for a deserving cause – and having seen the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s on people near me and how they work so hard to overcome their difficulties, it was easy to choose this brilliant charity.”

Lois is still raising money for Alzheimer’s Society and anyone wanting to add to her fund can do so by visiting her dedicated GoFundMe page here: