Ipswich Based Care Home Goes Around the World

An Ipswich based care home is taking residents around the world from the comfort of their homes via an overhead projector.

MHA Norwood provides residential and dementia care for 46 residents and decided to do this activity as an interactive way to educate residents.

Every week, activity coordinator Sergio Ishmael organises a session where he plays a slideshow of interesting monuments and popular destinations from a different country.

So far residents have been to Australia, Scotland, China, USA, Brazil and India.

In the coming weeks sessions on Wales and Japan have been planned.

Sergio said: “A few years ago we would have someone come in and do a slideshow for residents with their own pictures and videos.

“Because of Covid, we haven’t been able to have many visitors do this so I thought I would start up sessions. Once I started it the response was really good, with more than 20 residents coming to the sessions.

“It’s a great way to show residents what each country is like, a lot of residents haven’t seen these countries so it allows them to see them and learn some facts about them.

“I make sure I use a lot of pictures and have a small part where I talk about the pictures and tell the residents some interesting facts about each country.

“We cover all sorts, from places to eat, interesting places to visit and what religions are followed.

“Even for me it’s great to learn so much about these countries, and moving forward I have plenty more sessions like this planned.

“The residents love the sessions, in fact they enjoy them so much I have decided to do these sessions on a weekly basis.”













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