Investment In Lancashire Care Home Sees Residents Benefit From New On-Site Multi-Faith Chapel

InvestmentResidents from Penwortham Grange & Lodge in Lancashire, are benefiting from a new on-site multi-faith room, after significant investment was made in the home to create an enhanced setting that meets the religious and spiritual needs of residents and their relatives.

The newly established facility gives those with long-term health and mobility issues greater access to local community worship, with services either live-streamed, or delivered in person by local religious figureheads.

The investment has seen the development of a number of dementia-friendly features that have transformed the space into a bespoke multi-faith chapel, including:

  • Battery-operated candles, bright paintwork, a new carpet, and chairs re-upholstered in purple velvet, encouraging a theme of relaxation and contemplation
  • Arched mirrors hung on the walls, with window decals administered to the mirrors and patio windows, giving a ‘stained-glass’ effect
  • A wooden altar, and a wooden chest containing religious materials, such as prayer beads, a Qur’an, and a Bible
  • Installation of an HD Smart TV to live stream services from local churches, synagogues, and mosques

Above the altar, a poem written and hand-painted by Home Manager Mellisa Thompson adorns the wall. She says, “We are delighted with the positive response to the Chapel, which was previously being used as a quiet room, and had become a bit tired and unused.

“The room has now become a focal point in the home, not only allowing residents to practice their faith in a safe and welcoming environment, but it is also offers a place of solace for those receiving end-of-life care, and their relatives.

“Faith is an important part of many of our residents’ lives, and access to worship is key to ensuring the delivery of person-centred care. We have live streams available from all local places of worship, as well as a Minister who attends each week to present an Ecumenical service.”






















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