Incredible Artist’s Abstract Expressionism Using Her Mouth

incredWith fine strokes, vibrant colours and attention to detail, Sonia Adams is no ordinary artist, but what makes her work all the more extraordinary is that she is a disabled artist who uses a brush held in her mouth to create her masterpieces.

Sonia, a resident at Stocks Hall St Helen’s Home and is a member of the home’s Art Club, and has been a member of the art group for over a year now, choosing to work with a paintbrush or pencil in her mouth. Her favourite medium to use is acrylic paint because it dries quickly and it’s easier to manipulate on her paintbrush.

Sonia’s main influence is Jackson Pollock, an American painter who is famously known for his Abstract Expressionism.

Not only does Sonia enjoy painting but she also likes to visit galleries such as The Walker and Tate, Liverpool. The gallery visits provide Sonia with the means to develop her own unique artistic voice.

Home activity coordinator Laura, (pictured), said “I think her dedication and will power is astonishing”.














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