How To Measure The Brexit-Related Risks And Opportunities Facing Social Care Providers

With Brexit set to dominate the snap general election, VODG (the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) is launching a new resource to help social care providers assess the risks and opportunities facing the sector.

Brexit: risk register and mitigation plan for social care providers, has been developed with VODG members. The resource takes the key 
Brexit risks that are likely to impact on providers and suggests some possible actions to mitigate them. VODG is encouraging all parts of the sector to unite in response to the challenges. These, as the resource outlines, include:

  • workforce issues
  • funding and commissioning
  • equality impact.

VODG chief executive Rhidian Hughes said:

“In what is set to be a general election dominated by Brexit, our resource helps providers get to grips with the risks and issues. With a new administration’s manifesto commitments in place by June, and Brexit negotiations after that, being aware of the shifting context facing social care services will support more informed and sustainable planning.”

VODG has already done much to highlight this overlooked area and today’s publication builds on two earlier publications issued in the last year:

  • Post Brexit: the impact for social care provider organisations
  • Post Brexit: what next for voluntary organisations?

VODG is also backing the Cavendish Coalition, a grouping of health and social care organisations, seeking to secure the current workforce of EU nationals https://www.vodg.org.uk/news/vodg-analyses-post-brexit-priorities-in-new-social-care-report/




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