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Hastings Home Marks 80-Year Existence Of Organisation With Delicious Cream Cake And Tea Event

A Hastings home marked the 80th year of their organisation with an afternoon cream tea event.

MHA Lauriston celebrated the 80th birthday of Methodist Homes (MHA) by hosting an afternoon tea and cream cake event for residents and staff.

The home provides residential, nursing and residential dementia care for 60 residents.

Staff and residents discussed MHA and what being part of an organisation that had been around for 80 years felt like.

The home was decorated with balloons and banners, with live entertainment being arranged.

Emma Lawlor, activity coordinator said:
“We had been planning something for a while and felt an afternoon tea and cream cake event was the right thing.

“Arranging everything took a couple of days and it was an event that had a sense of pride attached with it.

“We are all really proud of MHA and the fact that we are associated with an organisation that has been going for 80 years.

“The discussion was really positive, and it was nice to see residents taking an interest in the occasion.

“Everyone was in a really good mood, we were singing happy birthday and it was a great day.

“A lot of credit should go to our chef Edith who made an amazing cake, which was enjoyed by all.”














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