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Hartford Care’s Oldest Resident Celebrates 107th Birthday

There were very special birthday celebrations for Anne Brokenbrow, a resident at Stokeleigh Care Home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, who was 107 years young on Tuesday (28th September).

Anne is the oldest resident living in one of Hartford Care’s 16 care homes and is probably also Bristol’s oldest resident.

Anne made national and international news headlines three years ago when she was granted her wish to be “arrested” by the police even though she had been law-abiding all her long and happy life.

For her 107th birthday, Anne enjoyed a visit from her family, her seventh birthday card from the Queen and also a beautiful birthday cake.

Anne was born on 28th September 1914, two months after Britain entered World War 1. She came to live at Stokeleigh in 2018 and worked as a secretary before she retired.

Alex Mazur-Kryszynska, Stokeleigh’s manager, said: “It has been our privilege to care for Anne who is always so cheerful and happy. We are wondering if she is possibly the oldest resident of Bristol. We would love to know if she now holds this record.”

Anne says she doesn’t believe she is 107. She feels 16, as she hasn’t changed, but if she is 107 then that is obviously quite something and she had got to be proud of it, as not many people have reached that age!

On her secret to a long life, Anne says: “We are just normal people, enjoying life and always trying to be good at things, but I haven’t done anything special to reach this age.”