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Hamilton Care Home Hatches Fluffy New Residents

Avonbridge care home in Hamilton has been exploring the joys of spring and has hatched eight fluffy chicks at the home.

Residents received eight eggs from an ethical hatching company, Incredible Eggs. They were shown how to care for them by a professional, and successfully hatched all eight.

Many of the staff at Avonbridge care home, based on Old Avon Road, keep chickens of their own, and are experienced in how to care for them. The home now has a purpose-built chicken coop in the garden ready for the new fluffy residents.

The Avonbridge chicks have been a hit with the residents, and two of the ladies who have taken a particular liking to them are Rosina Fagan, age 79, and Shonda McMillan, age 77.

Rosina said: “I think the chicks are beautiful and have loved being able to watch them grow. It’s great to have them in the home, we love to care for them and it’s a very different activity for us to take part in.”

Shonda said: “They are very soothing, and they have kept us all busy. I can’t wait until they are bigger and can peck around in their outdoor chicken coop, hopefully we can get lots of yummy eggs from them.”

Lesley Kelly, home manager at Avonbridge care home, said: “Our residents are very fond of animals and birds, and hatching the chicks in the home seemed like a fun, yet different activity for them to participate in.

“We were given lots of advice from Incredible Eggs, and we successfully hatched all the eggs into beautiful little chicks. We’re all really looking forward to watching them grow up and be big enough for their chicken coop!”






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