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Hallmark Care Homes Plant Trees To Mark Unity

Hallmark care homes across England and South Wales have held a tree planting ceremony to mark this poignant moment in history and symbolise unity amongst care home residents and team.

The ornamental pear tree, which was chosen because it is signifies persistence and perseverance as it is the first to come into leaf in spring and the last to lose its leaves in winter was planted at 19 care homes recently as part of the care group’s ‘Moment in Time’ celebrations.

Residents social distanced in the garden and café to witness the planting of the trees which seek to represent the shared experiences between the homes, residents and team.

As well as planting a tree, the residential, nursing and dementia homes celebrated by burying time capsules, creating bottle lanterns, releasing butterflies and hosting outdoor entertainment and exercise sessions.

Head of Relationship Centred Care at Hallmark Care Homes, April Dobson said: “There are many moments in time that hold significance for each of us throughout our lives. Over the last few months, we have shared some difficult and some good times, and the event brings us together across Hallmark to remember and reflect. The trees we are planting mark this moment in time and are a symbol of hope for the future.”

General Manager at Anisha Grange Care Home, Daniel Rowark said: “The event was both a celebration and a reflection of the journey we have been on together as a home these past few months.

“We have become a closer team and a closer family because of the challenges we have faced. This Moment in Time symbolises the unity and solidarity between all the homes, residents and team during this pandemic and will be a symbolic reminder for many years to come.”











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