Goodwins Hall Unit Manager Sheds Locks For Children’s Cancer Charity

Apple Aradanas, a unit manager at Goodwins Hall Care Home, is set to undergo a transformative hair cut on May 1st, giving her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

The charity, renowned for providing free real hair wigs to children and young people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment or other conditions, will be the beneficiary of Apple’s generous gesture.

Hailing from the Philippines, Apple has been a much-loved face at Goodwins Hall for the past five years. Known for her compassion and unwavering commitment to the residents under her care, Apple has decided to part with her signature long, black locks to raise awareness of children’s cancers.

Speaking about her decision, Apple shared, “My hair grows quite quickly, and I’ve had the privilege of donating it for charity in the past. Though I do prefer having long hair, knowing that it can bring joy and confidence to a child fighting cancer makes it all worth it.”

This time feels particularly special, Apple added, as it will probably be her last charity hair cut as she notices a few grey strands appearing.

The restyle, which will see Apple’s mane transformed into a chic short bob, is set to take place at the Kings Lynn home and she is collecting sponsorship to give to the Little Princess Trust in addition to her hair which will be made into at least one wig for a child.






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