GMB Call On Care Quality Commission To Pull Back On Closure Of Two Kent Care Homes Pending Full Investigation

GMB_logoGMB, the union for care home staff, is calling on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to pull back on the decision to close two Orchard Care care homes in Broadstairs in Kent pending a full investigation.

The Woodlands and Fairfield Manor care homes have been told by the CQC to close immediately. Fifty seven staff work at the two sites which up until recently cared for up to fifty nine residents.

News that the CQC had issued a closure notice emerged last week on Thursday 14th August. All staff were required to attend meetings earlier this week on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th. Neither GMB or our members are aware of the reasons given for the closure.

All residents have been moved out of Fairfield. However all the residents are still at Woodlands Care Home. GMB understand that the formal notice of closure has not yet been made on Woodlands, although CQC have indicated that is their intention. Meetings have been held with staff to tell them that they are going to be made redundant.

Andy Prendergast, GMB Senior Officer, said “The decision to close the homes without explanation is an insult to residents and staff of the two homes.

These homes have been their life for residents for many years and they are completely in the dark as to why they are being closed. Residents and their families have been in tears not knowing what is going on or what will be happening in the future. Staff have been left not knowing if they will be able to pay next month’s rent.

At the very least they deserve an explanation as to what has happened to justify this extreme step, particularly when the area is already facing a shortage of care spaces for older people.

Previous CQC inspections stated that the homes offered a good standard of care.

As the formal notice of closure has not yet been made on Woodlands GMB is calling on the CQC to pull back from the closures pending a full investigation into the matter in order to establish the full facts before undertaking actions which appear to be excessive and extreme.”