Get To Know Your Neighbours With A Big Lunch, Says Live-In Care Provider

NeighboursLive-in care provider celebrate their community by treating residents to a Big Lunch with their neighbours.

The Big Lunch is the biggest annual get together for neighbours and aims to bring communities together whilst enjoying food.

This year on 1-2 June, Promedica24 supported the campaign, organised by The Eden Project, by providing clients with gift vouchers to hold their own Big Lunch.

Edgar Moss, a Promedica24 resident from Fordingbridge, Dorset, thanked the team for his voucher and said the offer was one he could not refuse.

He added: “You will see from the photos that I had five good friends, my care worker and daughter, Rozalind at my Big Lunch. You can see me cutting the decorated cake and the single candle is for the first time we have had such a party. Maybe next year we will have two candles? Once again, many thanks for our very enjoyable party!”

Promedica24 treated clients across the country to Big Lunch vouchers and also held a Big Lunch at their head office in Watford, for staff and invited clients to enjoy a sociable feast.

Earlier this year, The Big Lunch commissioned research that showed more than half of people in the UK (36 million people) feel distant from their neighbours, and 75 percent felt there were barriers to getting closer to them.

Kerry Stevens, care manager at Promedica24, said: “Last year, 4.5 million friendships were formed because of the Big Lunch and with loneliness and isolation on the increase in the UK, we want to be able to be a part of reducing this whenever we can.

“We strive to ensure those we support are able to maintain their independence and links to the community.”