Gateshead Care Home Holds Surprise Celebration To Mark Resident’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Gateshead Care Home Diamond Wedding AnniversaryA resident at Alexandra House care home was joined by her husband for a surprise diamond wedding anniversary celebration at the home.

Enid Cromarty (81), who is a resident at Alexandra House, was paid a surprise visit by her husband, Raymond Cromarty (82), who resides at another nearby care home, to celebrate their 60 years of marriage.

The couple enjoyed a party, which was organised by members of staff at Alexandra House, which included a performance by a local singer, a buffet, dancing and a champagne toast.

Making the day even more special, the happy couple were joined by their two children, Susan (52) and George (55) and their two grandchildren, Emma (17) and Jack (17) for the celebration.

Enid met Raymond, a butcher by trade, through his sister, Mary, who she worked with at the Hadrian Stores.

Throughout their married life, Enid and Raymond enjoyed many holidays, including their honeymoon in Eyemouth and loved holidaying later in life in Scarborough, as Enid has always been afraid of flying – much to Raymond’s dismay!

The couple enjoy visiting each other regularly, when their health permits, and are still very much in love.

Located on Havelock Terrace, Alexandra House is part of Akari Care and provides residential care for up to 40 elderly residents.

Marie Bainbridge, Manager at Alexandra House, said: “It was fantastic to be part of Enid and Raymond’s diamond anniversary celebrations. Everyone at the home likes to see Raymond when he visits, so we were thrilled that he could come to the home for the special party. We’d all like to say congratulations to the happy couple – they set a great example for us all!”

Enid Cromarty said: “Me and Raymond would like to say thank you to the home for the lovely party. We often get asked what the secret to a long happy marriage is and to be honest, there isn’t one! We love each other’s company and have enjoyed lots of special moments throughout our marriage.”

Susan Hawthorne said: “My mum and dad have been the best parents anyone could wish for and they deserve this special day. The family would like to say a big thank you to the staff at Alexandra House for organising the party, which has been lovely for everyone.”