Fun and Fitness At Stocks Hall Mawdesley

Image 1People living at Stocks Hall Care Home in Mawdesley, Lancashire have proven that you’re never too old to start exercising again!

The team at Stocks Hall Mawdesley are dedicated to providing a fun and varied activity programme for their residents and with this in mind, the home recently hosted a ‘Fun and Fitness’ class built around exercise and meaningful activities.

Leading the session, qualified and experienced instructor, Fiona Martin from Enhance Training guided the group through a series of stretches, games and free-weight movements, all carefully designed to increase mobility, general fitness, and mental stimulation.  Fiona said “These exercises can re-introduce people to exercise, encourage people to move more regularly and help to maintain their independence as they are able to cope with their everyday goings-on.  Most people are able to participate in classes as they are highly adaptable.”

The session began with a warm-up to gently raise the pulse and help mobilise joints, the session moved onto some gentle stretching and strength exercises using therabands to improve strength in all major muscle groups.  This followed by a variety of fun activities including chair football, hoop throwing and more.  The class finished with a gentle cool down, stretching and a round of applause!

Fiona continued “The sessions are specifically designed to make exercising fun again, using popular music, colourful props and stimulating activities. All of the exercises / activities can be done whilst seated or standing depending on the individual’s level of ability.”

Jordan McCullough, Activities Lead at Stocks Hall Mawdesley said, “We would like to thank Fiona for delivering an enthusiastic, confident and engaging session.  It was a wonderful morning which proved not only good fun but very good exercise.  Feedback from this introductory session has been extremely positive and we are certainly pleased that our residents are keen on taking an active interest in keeping fit and healthy, and that they are enjoying themselves at the same time.”







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