Former Care Minister Says The Need To Reduce Restraint Is A “Massive Moral And Human Rights Issue”

rrnThis year’s Restraint Reduction Network Conference saw leading figures across the health, social care, policy, education and policing sectors explore the practical and policy solutions for minimising the use of restraint. Former Care Minister Norman Lamb said restraint reduction was “a moral and human rights issue” and that there needs to be accreditation of training.

On 6th and 7th of October, key note speakers including former Care Minister and Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Norman Lamb MP and leading American restraint reduction expert Dr Janice LeBel led a jam-packed series of discussions and workshops sharing insight into best practice and the policy solutions for restraint reduction. Delegates debated the merits of accrediting restraint training in the mental health sector and challenging ingrained mind sets in the industry.

Commenting on his appearance at the conference Norman Lamb MP said:

“It was immensely encouraging to see the huge number of delegates discussing the steps needed to reduce restraint. Physical restraint should only be used as a last resort but the evidence shows that this is not always the case. This is a massive moral and human rights issue that needs to be addressed. A firmer direction needs to be given nationally and there needs to be accreditation of training and an examination of restraint culture”

Restraint Reduction Network Chair, Professor Joy Duxbury, said:

“This year’s conference explored the real and practical world changes that need to happen, if we are to achieve our ambitious goals in reducing the use of restraint.

The Restraint Reduction Network is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients and practitioners. So whether it is policy or practice, we will continue to confront the major challenges facing the sector both over the short and long term.”








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