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Fish Bar Staff Make No Bones About Tricky Orders

The staff of a Somerset fish and chip shop have won praise for their helpful attitude from a local dementia care home for ‘making no bones’ about taking long and complicated orders and never complaining if the order has to be changed.

The tasty takeaway fish and chip suppers cooked up by Star Fish Bar in Wellington are proving a winner with residents of neighbouring Camelot House and Lodge who say they spark memories of happy times shared with family and friends.

When residents were asked to choose a new idea from a list of activities that can be carried out in a Covid-safe way many of them pounced on the suggestion of takeaway fish and chips, according to activities organiser Richard Dempslake.

“They started excitedly talking about their favourite fish, and comparing notes on takeaway suppers they’d enjoyed in their younger days,” said Richard.

“Some like to eat with their fingers. For others the most important thing is adding the right amount of salt and vinegar or ketchup.

“They reminisce about eating fish and chips wrapped in newspaper on the beach during seaside holidays, or sometimes talk about ‘takeaway evenings’ shared with family as a treat, or with old friends after outings to the pub. 

Richard Dempslake says he and his team have had to exercise their imagination throughout the pandemic to ensure residents continue to enjoy a varied programme of activities.

Richard said: “It’s so hard for the people we care for because most of them don’t really understand the impact that coronavirus is having on the world.

“They have to put up with restrictions on visits from loved ones, and they miss the regular outings we used to take them on, so it’s extra important for us to dream up new ideas to keep them engaged in the world day-to-day.

“We continue to offer a wide daily selection of creative and therapeutic activities and have been very creative in putting on performances and theme days for our residents.

“But the smiles on their faces as they dig into takeaway fish and chips show that sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best.”