First Statement Of Role, Knowledge And Skills For Registered Nurses In Social Care Launched

SkillsForCareFor the first time a statement of role, knowledge and skills for the 42,000 registered nurses working in social care has been launched.

Registered nurse: Recognising the responsibilities and contribution of nurses working in social care has been created by Skills for Care in consultation with registered nurses and the people they support, plus other professionals who work in and with the nursing regulatory framework and the adult social care sector.

It provides a description of the complex role nurses undertake and demonstrates the way that they not only use all of their nursing knowledge, but also contribute to important national health and social care agendas.

The statement underlines the huge importance nurses place on getting to really know the people in their care and their families. This relationship-based approach means they can gain a deep understanding of an individual’s personal needs, wants and way of communicating so the nurses can offer genuinely person-centred care and support.

The registered nurses role in social care is multi-faceted with high levels of autonomy, decision making and responsibility where nurses are key to organisations being able to offer high quality support to people with a range of often complex needs. Registered nurses are often involved in the operational management of the services they work in, bringing all their professional training and expertise into play.

With an estimated nursing vacancy rate in adult social care, which is equivalent to around 5000 vacancies at any given time, the statement’s author’s hope it will provide a wider understanding of what this role involves and encourage more nurses to seriously think about joining the growing social care sector.

“This statement is a huge step forward in making sure we know what is expected of nurses in social care, but also recognises the massive contribution our nurses make to high quality care and support services,” says Skills for Care Interim CEO Andy Tilden.

“Registered nurses in social care use all their hard won skills and knowledge to make sure our fellow citizens can access services that meet their needs when and where they need them. What comes across loud and clear is that nurses in social care value the time and space they get to really understand the people they work with which means they leave work knowing they have delivered care that allows people to live the lives they want to.”

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