Experts by Experience to Give Evidence to Lords Adult Social Care Committee

The House of Lords Adult Social Care Committee will hold evidence sessions with individuals who draw on social care and unpaid carers to test its early findings based on the evidence received so far during its inquiry.

The sessions take place on Monday 27 June from 3:45pm-5:30pm and can be followed live on Parliament TV.

Giving evidence at 3:45pm will be unpaid carers:
• Norman Phillips
• Helen Spalding
• Katy Styles.

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

• Would carers benefit from a single, central point of contact to provide them with information and advice, and if so, who should this point of contact be?
• To what extent would a ‘triangle of care’ involving you, the person for whom you provide care, and care professionals in equal parts improve your experience as a carer?
• What is the exact support and information that you would like to see available as a carer during the discharge process?
• Is re-designing Carer’s Allowance sufficient to keep carers out of poverty? What other forms of support would benefit carers, from a financial perspective?

Giving evidence at 4:40pm will be experts by experience:

• Sue Bott CBE
• Andy McCabe
• Tricia Nicoll

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:
• What needs to happen to enable more people with care needs to access the support offered by peer-led organisations?
• What support would be most helpful to enable people with care needs to access the PA model of care?
• What are the most relevant changes that could be made to remedy the accessible housing crisis for people with care needs?
• What would you like to see done to raise the profile of adult social care?













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