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Evolve United Kick Off New Season In Bristol Goals’ Premier League

In a remarkable journey of determination and perseverance, Evolve United, the football team of Evolve Care Group, a prominent Southwest adult social care provider, has achieved promotion in Bristol Goals’ Premier League. After an inspiring performance in their second season, the team is now set to kick off their new season with hopes of continuing their upward trajectory.

Competing in a league featuring six teams, Evolve United demonstrated an exceptional turnaround. Having faced challenges during their inaugural season, which began in January amidst chilly temperatures – a stark contrast for a team of self-proclaimed fair-weather enthusiasts – the team fought valiantly despite initial hurdles. They experienced a tough initiation, suffering defeats in eight out of ten matches.

However, the second season marked a remarkable transformation for the team. Winning an impressive seven out of ten matches, they clinched the second spot and secured a well-deserved promotion to division 3 out of 5. The journey showcased the team’s commitment to improvement, both on and off the field. With a significant enhancement in fitness levels, they have proven their dedication and growth as athletes.

The team’s upcoming campaign holds great promise. Their participation in the higher league is a testament to their remarkable progress and ambition. The matches, played in two halves of 20 minutes each, promise exciting action as Evolve’s football team aims to build on their previous season’s success and aim for consecutive promotions.

As Evolve United steps onto the pitch for their first match in division 3 of the Bristol Goals’ Premier League, the community rallies behind them, inspired by their journey and eager to witness their continued success.