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Elm Bank Care Home Residents Get Competitive With Spring Garden Games

The residents at Elm Bank care home in Kettering got their competitive minds in to action, and after a warm up, they got in to gear with an amazing afternoon of garden games.

We all understand the importance of life enriching activities that help keep our mind and our bodies active. All of the residents at Elm Bank care home enjoy the wonderful outdoor garden space the home has to offer, and it is simply a joy to be outside in the beautiful surroundings. The sun was out, the birds were singing and the garden games were set. To start the afternoon off, the residents had a game of skittles, with the competition heating up a tea break was in order. After the break, the dart board came out, residents tested their hand and eye co-ordination out.

Elisabeth, a resident at Elm Bank said,
“We have all enjoyed being outside in the warm sun, it was nice to be able to play the garden games, the weather is lovely.”

Marvellous Bindura, General Manager said,
“It is lovely to see our residents enjoying activities that enrich their lives. The sun has been out and the birds singing, it was just nice to be out in the fresh air surrounded with the smell of beautiful flowers that the residents had planted up earlier. The garden games are a huge hit with the residents and the competitive streak is great to see. The gardens at the home are beautiful for all of us to enjoy and we all try to get outside as much as possible throughout the year”.