Double Opportunity To Praise County’s Magnificent Efforts On Covid

North Yorkshire is encouraging residents to take a double opportunity to say an overwhelming ’thank you’ to those who have helped get the county through 16 months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Two separate – but heavily connected – celebration days fall side by side in July and provide the opportunity for communities to show recognition and gratitude to those who have helped them through the challenges of the pandemic, in a host of different ways.

Sunday July 4 is Front Line Worker Day, a national Thank You Day provides the opportunity for the public to thank all those who have helped them and their loved ones through the crisis, from relatives to neighbours, volunteers and professionals.

The idea emerged from just 13 individuals but quickly won support from hundreds of organisations, including the Royal Voluntary Service, NHS and Church of England, with celebrities, councils, schools and businesses also providing momentum.

It’s a chance to get together safely with others to mark what has happened, celebrate the spirit that got us through and say thank you.

Thank You Day allows local authorities to say thank you to their communities and North Yorkshire recognises the efforts made by people from all parts of the community in the response to Covid-19.

It is immediately followed by the national NHS, Social Care and Front Line Workers Day, in recognition of those who work in the sector to keep the country as safe as possible on Monday July 5.

North Yorkshire County Council Chief Executive Richard Flinton said: “We wanted to say a huge thank you. Whether you’re caring for your own family and friends, or working in care for the local authority or in the independent or voluntary sectors, you’ve been magnificent. The way you have all risen to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic has been incredible. Although there may be further challenges ahead, we will get through them together.”

Mike Padgham, Chair of the Independent Care Group, added: “It has been a relentlessly difficult period. Through your dedication and selfless hard work, we continue to come through these extremely challenging times. The way everyone has pulled together has been an inspiration, from managers, nurses and care assistants to cooks, auxiliary and maintenance staff. You have all been incredible.”

Front Line Workers Day is an opportunity to praise the work of those with some of the most challenging roles during the pandemic. The annual commemoration is set to mirror the day the National Health Service went live in 1948, helping to transform this country and the care of its citizens with a dedication and selfless approach to helping others.

Since the early months of last year, those qualities have been tested like never before and helped ensure services have continued to function despite the strains of dealing with coronavirus.

North Yorkshire’s communities are fortunate to have committed workers across all those sectors, including those who have a career in social care. Care workers have made sure that care and nursing home residents, those who live in extra care or supported housing and in their own homes with help from care services have received an exceptional level of care and unwavering compassion.

County Council leader, Cllr Carl Les, said: “In North Yorkshire we all know what a tremendous impact our people have made on dealing with the pandemic, whether they are professionals, formal volunteers or those who have chosen to care for relatives, friends or neighbours.

“The difference they have made is almost impossible to quantify and these two events are an ideal moment to pause for thought and give a heartfelt ’thank you’ to all those who have played a part. I am sure everyone in the county shares that sentiment.”