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Digitising a Wellness Culture in Care

People prefer to visit care homes with a wellness culture. The pervading peace of mind improves mental health, leading to a sense of well-being, reduced staff sickness, happier residents and better productivity. Wellness culture is a catalyst with real business benefits, while directly contributing to stability and better continuity of service. Culture is engendered from the top, often being a management strategy and forming part of quality programmes. It may seem surprising to some, but digital tech can have a major part in delivering a wellness culture.

Care Homes are frequently bombarded with wellness ideas and opportunities but, how many wellness service providers deliver physical wellness monitoring as part of a wellness strategy. For some, having a wellness strategy is a tick in a policy box which is a shame as it is so much more valuable and can deliver smiles, well-being, peace of mind and better profitability. Wide, inclusive wellness programmes incorporate physical wellness monitoring as this is the basis of well-being and is a demonstration of a wellness culture.

Delivering physical wellness checks has become so much easier with systems such as HealthCheckerPro™ from Flourish PPI which incorporate digital wellness monitoring facilities that automatically alert to symptoms associated with more than 37 different illnesses. This rapidity can be crucial by reducing medical response times, leading to faster recovery. HealthCheckerPro™ is completely contactless, effortless to use and really, really fast, completing a wellness check in under 1 second, helping to keep the duty Care Home Manager alert to sickness. This digital system stores the data from every check and has a real management benefit for care home operators with multiple homes as all wellness checks can be monitored live, simultaneously across every home together with any alerts.

There are even automated daily reports, and, as the system can also be used for access control, all attendance data can form part of fire records.

This new digital technology presents new opportunities which not only include true wellness monitoring but provide a host of efficiencies that make the care workplace a better one for all . Taking this approach is not expensive either as HealthCheckerPro™ systems start at just £12.82 per week so, true wellness monitoring is a ‘no brainer’ and helps to bring smiles and joy every day, everywhere.

Steve Hathaway is Business Development Director for Wincheeter based company, Flourish PPI, a brand of Dijital Technologies Ltd, a pioneering digital tech organisation in the Care Home