Devoted Wife Visits Husband Of 60 Years Every Day At Care Home

Maureen and Leslie Smith have never made much of Valentine’s Day, but their devotion to one another has lasted for 64 years during which they have hardly spent a day apart. Theirs is a really enduring romance.

Now sadly Leslie, 85, is living with dementia and needs to be cared for in a home but Maureen, 81, visits him daily at Hallhouse Care Home, Kilmarnock, because they cannot bear to be without each other. She says he truly is “her other half”.

The inspiring couple met when Maureen was 18 and have been married for 60 years. They have three children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Maureen says that having each other’s company is enough so they never really celebrated Valentine’s Day. She maintains that the secret to a happy relationship is always talking things through and having common interests – something to share. Both enjoyed music and singing together. They were art enthusiasts and at one time had their own art gallery.

Leslie went to live in Hallhouse Care Home in February of last year. Maureen sold their house and also moved in to ensure it was the right place and that Leslie was happy. She has now moved into a sheltered housing complex as she is satisfied he is in good hands. Maureen said that if the time comes that she needs to be looked after, that is where she also wants to be.

Home Manager, Lesley Johnston, said “Their commitment and love for each other is inspiring to us all”.