Derbyshire Care Home Creates Positivi-Tree For Residents

Staff at The Vale care home, Bolsover, have created a positivi-tree in the home’s back garden for the residents.

The tree was created to enhance positivity amongst residents and the idea came about for residents and staff to write down what they were looking forward to when the lock down was over and hang them on a positivi-tree.

Many of the wishes hung on the tree by residents included meeting up with their families for a cuddle, and staff wishes included hoping for a summer holiday.

The home has decided that when restrictions are lifted and lockdown is eased, that the positivi-tree will remain part of the garden for residents to share their thought and wishes with each other in the future.

June Ordidge, 82, resident at The Vale care home, said: “The tree is beautiful, and I enjoyed writing my thoughts down with Julie, our activities coordinator, and being a part of it. My thought was hoping to see my family again soon!”

James Kelly, home manager at The Vale care home, said: “Lockdown has been difficult for us all, and having restricted visits has meant that residents have missed things they would normally take for granted, like cuddling their families.

“The positivi-tree has been a real mood-booster in the home, and the residents have really enjoyed taking part. The tree will definitely be here to stay, and I’m looking forward to reading more of the residents’ thoughts and wishes.”







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