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Cygnet Snowdon Charity Challenge Raises £10,000

THE CEO of health and social care company, Cygnet, led a team to the top of Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon last week on a charity trek that has raised a massive £10,000 to support health workers with their mental health.

The team of colleagues from across Cygnet services were raising money for Doctors in Distress, a small charity doing big work to support healthcare workers with their mental health. Cygnet runs health and social care services to support individuals with mental health needs, learning disabilities and autism.

The 20 members of staff from across the company, led by CEO Dr Tony Romero, set off in the early morning sunshine to take on the mountain via one of the toughest routes – the Watkin Path.

The group also included the CEOs of both the Health and Social Care Divisions, Stephen Firn and Gareth Williams, as well as Group Clinical Director Jon Van Niekerk, HR Director Jenny Gibson and a number of other senior leaders and clinicians from across Cygnet services.

Dr Romero said: “I was really proud of everyone who took on the challenge. Whilst many tried to persuade me to take an alternative route, I knew that the Watkin Path would offer some stunning scenery, waterfalls and lakes as well as an immense feeling of satisfaction for completing one of the hardest routes to the top of the mountain.

“We took a steady approach, pacing ourselves along the way to make sure we supported each other as a team. It was a beautiful day and a great sense of achievement as we soaked in the stunning views from above the clouds.

“It was a real team effort and I was genuinely impressed with everyone’s determination, positivity and brave attitude to give it 100%.”

The team has raised in excess of £10,000 for Doctors in Distress a small charity that provides mental health support for healthcare workers across the UK.

Across health care, staff often won’t ask for help as they may feel it’s a sign of weakness, but being human means that they suffer from the same illnesses and stresses as the people they care for.

Ann Paul, CEO of Doctors in Distress said: “This is an amazing commitment by the Cygnet team and we’re delighted to have their support. Snowdon is no small undertaking.”