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Creative Care Homes Celebrate the World of Art

Care homes across Dorset have chosen creative ways to celebrate visual art and culture.

Residents at Colten Care homes in Poole, Sherborne, West Moors and Longham have all enjoyed activities, talks and presentations inspired by the annual Unesco World Art Day.

Abbey View in Sherborne showcased the work of 96-year-old artist and resident Rosemary Dodd.

Alongside an exhibition of several of her paintings, Rosemary was interviewed in front of an audience of fellow residents by her daughter Roz and friend and auctioneer Matthew Lacey.

Rosemary was especially active as an artist in the 1960s. Two of her pieces adorned the walls of the Royal Society of British Artists’ summer exhibition in London in 1966 and she recalled being invited later to a Women of the Year luncheon in Dorchester.

Rosemary said she was delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit her work at Abbey View and speak about her talent and enthusiasm for art to an audience.

She said: “I have always loved art and colour. From my earliest memories as a child, I loved to draw. I am so happy I have had the chance to have an exhibition in my lifetime.”

Companionship Team member Bev de Bruyn said: “During question time from a full house of residents, Rosemary radiated such joy and passion. It was delightful to watch her being interviewed and to hear her insights.”

At Brook View in West Moors, residents were treated to a talk and art demonstration by New Forest-based equine illustrator and author Alan Langford. They watched and asked questions as he sketched and coloured a picture of a horse. As he worked, he explained the different techniques he was using.

Resident Paula Merels said: “It was fascinating to see the painting coming to life before our very eyes. It was fun and educational.”

At the end of the visit, Alan donated his picture to the residents. “They were absolutely enthralled by Alan’s session, how quickly he built up the picture, and his surprise gift at the end,” said Companionship Team member Jo Vardy. “Alan has kindly offered to return to hold an art masterclass, hearing that we have some keen painters among us, especially residents Patricia Upshall and Pam Roberts who were transported back to happy memories of days when they were creating art themselves.”

At The Aldbury, Colten Care’s dedicated dementia care home in Poole, residents celebrated World Art Day by decorating canvas squares in ten different artistic styles. They added lettering so that when the squares were put in a sequence, they spelled out the name of the home.

The session was an opportunity to discuss art history and the influence of movements such as cubism, surrealism, impressionism and pop art.

Resident Joyce Holden completed a Mona Lisa-inspired paint-by-numbers square, saying afterwards: “My own masterpiece, I’m proud of that.”

And fellow resident Jeanette Macklin said: “We had great fun. It was nice to learn all about the different artists.”

At Colten Care’s Bourne View in Poole, residents made and decorated bookmarks for distribution to local libraries and community contacts.

The focus at Fernhill, Colten’s dementia care home in Longham near Bournemouth, was on creating a ‘tree of life’ artwork reflecting the four seasons of the year.

World Art Day has been celebrated internationally every year since 2012 on the April birthday of renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

















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