Covid Hero Medal For Absolutely Fabulous Agincare Workers

Independent care provider Agincare has awarded all staff who have worked throughout the pandemic with a ‘Covid Hero Medal’ in recognition of their incredible courage, hard-work and dedication.

Star of film and television Joanna Lumley has recorded a special video message, congratulating workers on receiving the medal and thanking them for their heroic efforts.

Medals are currently being awarded to every member of the Agincare team – some 3,500 people – who worked from the start of lockdown in 2020 through to the end of March 2021.

Agincare team members also received a certificate and letter of appreciation from Chairman Derek Luckhurst and Chief Executive Raina Summerson  in recognition of their efforts during the pandemic, ensuring people continued to receive the care and support they needed.

Agincare Founder and Chairman Derek Luckhurst said:

“I have never felt so proud of the team that we have here at Agincare. We have had people going out, risking their lives and keeping morale up, to provide essential care across society.

“The Agincare Covid Hero Medal is a fitting way to say thank you to our teams, and a lasting tribute to their incredible efforts.”

Throughout the pandemic Agincare workers have managed the challenges of lockdown, including infection control regimes and the vaccine roll-out, whilst caring for the people they support and facilitating safe visits in care homes.

This year sees family-run Agincare celebrate its 35th anniversary of delivering high quality, professional care in the community.

Agincare Chief Executive Raina Summerson said:

“We wanted to find a heart-felt way of saying thank you and showing genuine appreciation to our Agincare team, during what has been an incredibly challenging time for them both personally and professionally.

“Everyone across all locations, including our support functions, have pulled together in a fantastic way to respond to the pandemic. They have shown true resilience, courage and commitment to social care, and we wanted to recognise that.”

















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