Coventry Care Home Making Dreams Come True

A new initiative at a Coventry care home has been helping the staff to make dreams come true for its Residents.

Victoria Gardens care home in Tile Hill has recently introduced a ‘Dream Catcher Tree’ that allows Residents to highlight lost hobbies they would like to rediscover or activities they have always wanted to try.

Tracy Milsom, Home Manager told us about the new initiative:

“We have recently started a dream catcher tree and asked our Residents to tell us what they dream of doing, whether it be revisiting an old hobby or trying something completely new.

“Communication is so important and we’re working with our Residents to make this happen.We foster a real sense of fun and inclusion and encourage everyone to get involved in life at the home. We feel anything is possible with some planning!”

One such resident who has taken advantage of the tree is Rosemary (known as Romy) who is 85 years old and has lived and worked in Coventry all her life.

Romy was a regular swimmer when she was younger and having not been for over 15 years, she didn’t think she would be able to do it again. She put her wish up on the tree and the team at Victoria Gardens quickly set about trying to make it come true.

Romy was asked how it felt to go swimming after such a long time:

“It felt wonderful to be able to go swimming again after so long, I felt free and exuberant!”

Having rediscovered her love for swimming through this initiative, the home is planning to make the swimming an ongoing activity, as Tracy Milsom confirmed:

“I’m so pleased that the Dream Catcher Tree has already proved a success. Romy is now planning on going swimming monthly and we will be supporting her to make this happen.”