Compassionate Employer Programme Launched By NCPC

CompassionateNCPC has recently launched the Compassionate Employer programme to help employers support their staff during bereavement.

In any workplace bereavement can be challenging for employers and employees as everyone reacts differently, however by developing a compassionate and flexible approach employers can ensure the impact of bereavement on both the individual and the organisation is minimised.

The Compassionate Employer programme provides practical resources developed by experts in bereavement support to enable employers to help their employees following the death of someone close to them.  The programme also covers guidance on support that may be needed for an employee caring for someone with a terminal diagnosis which we refer to as pre-bereavement, how colleagues can support the bereaved employee on their return to work, as well as the impact the death of a work colleague can have on the workplace.

The resources available to organisations that sign up to the programme include training workshops, guides, leaflets and practical support to develop a bereavement policy.  Organisations successfully meeting the criteria to be recognised as a compassionate employer will be able to display the Compassionate Employer logo on their own resources to show ongoing commitment to support their employees during pre-bereavement and bereavement.

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