Chorleywood Beaumont Honour Staff On International Nurses’ Day

5th July 1948 was a historic day for our country. It was the day the National Health Service was born, bringing free healthcare to all.   We have treasured it ever since but never so more than recent times. We were suddenly in turmoil fighting a virus and on the front line were our NHS, Social Care and Keyworker hero’s. Keeping us safe and the country running.

We now have a National Day to show our gratitude to all NHS and frontline workers. The first National NHS, Social Care and Front Line Workers day takes place on Monday 5th July 2021. To mark the day Chorleywood Beaumont celebrated their staff with a party, recognised local keyworkers. We want to make this a Nationwide celebration and show our appreciation for everything The NHS, Social Care and Key workers do for our country.

Iuliana a nurse at the home, said “From a young age I always wanted to become a nurse, and it’s been a dream come true. I enjoy helping others, and be a part of their quality of life. Everything that I do within my work is with passion and care. Young people should become nurses, as it’s a rewarding job, and it’s a job that you can make a difference within the society.”

Judith Boikhutso, Operations Manager at the home, said: “At Chorleywood Beaumont our nurses and staff are hard-working, dedicated, and passionate about caring for others, and that compassion and commitment has shone through even more over the past year. They continue to work tirelessly, and I’m proud of the professionalism and duty of care they uphold. All their efforts are focused on delivering the best possible care for our residents, so it’s nice to take this time to show our appreciation in return. It is also lovely to celebrate our residents who were nurses themselves and thank them for all the hard work they did during their careers.”

Flora, who lives at Chorleywood Beaumont care home, said: The staff here spend so much time and energy looking after us, it’s been lovely to show just how much we appreciate them, they do a smashing job.”








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