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Charming Owls Bring Joy To Berkshire Care Home Residents

Photo 1: Resident Michael Holdstock, who has a visual impairment, gently strokes one of the owls with support from its handler. 

Photo 2: Resident Les Langley greets one of the owls brought in at RMBI Care Co. Home Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court, in Wokingham.

To bring wildlife closer, residents at RMBI Care Co. Home Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court, in Wokingham, have recently enjoyed a visit from a group of friendly owls. A handler from The Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre led the owls all around the Home’s grounds and introduced them to residents. The residents were delighted to meet the calm animals, who were happy to be petted and stroked.

“It was a hoot, hoot of an afternoon that made us all smile!” says resident Les Langley, who took part in the activity, with a wide smile. “It was a very interesting experience to learn more about owls in such a close proximity, as it’s difficult to spot them in a natural environment. I really enjoyed this because I love learning about the birds we are so lucky to have in this country,” he adds.

Resident Michael Holdstock says:
“I can’t believe I had a hands-on experience with such beautiful birds. Due to my visual impairment, being able to touch these amazing animals, which are so tactile and relaxed, was wonderful. A really calming effect! The moon-shaped face and delicate body was lovely to be up close with, and to touch it gently with my hands helped me visualise this.”

Sharon Fletcher, one of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Court’s Activities Coordinators, says:
“The Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre’s visit has been tremendous. Seeing the residents enjoy the experience of the birds was an absolute pleasure to witness. The handler’s patience and individual conversations with each resident gave them the opportunity to truly be part of an owl’s life – and the owls brought joy and calmness to our residents, which is wonderful for their mental health and wellbeing.”











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