Channel 4 News Highlights “The Lengths Lilian Faithfull Care Are Going To Protect Their Staff And Residents”

Last night it was a privilege to be featured in a special report on Channel 4 news highlighting how residents and staff are being kept safe during this pandemic. This sensitive and thoughtful film focused on Faithfull House, but the same excellence in care and infection control measures are found throughout all of our homes.

Victoria Macdonald visited Faithfull House with two crew after careful planning with staff. They had their temperature taken and completed lateral flow tests before entering the home. They wore PPE, followed hand sanitising/washing protocols and maintained safe social distancing during filming.

As Channel 4’s Health and Social Care editor, Victoria Macdonald’s deep understanding of care settings and empathy with staff and residents was plain to see during her visit. Her film helps to start to build trust in the public for the excellent care provided and dispels many of the fears people have when considering how to meet their own care needs, or those of a loved one. As she explained the report “shows the lengths they are going to to protect their staff and their residents from this virus”.

97% of residents have chosen to be immunised and it was wonderful to hear from the residents how safe they feel, their growing confidence as the first dose of vaccination takes effect and the support of the measures being taken to keep them safe.

“I am aware of the great care the staff here take” said Rev Susan Emtage.

“We’ve had the first jab …I have got that security and knowledge that I am safe to some extent” commented John Crick.

The filming captured the work of so many parts of Faithfull’s strong staff team including housekeeping, catering, activities, as well as day and night care staff. It was also wonderful to see the woodland mural painted by Gregg in the Estates team – little did he know when he created the restful scene for the Garden room that it would be featured on national television!

The pressing issue of when visiting can restart was highlighted by Vic Raynor, Executive Director of the National Care Forum who said that “We are pushing for government to come up with a timetable or route map when visiting can happen again in a meaningful way, indoors, when they can be in close contact with those they love.”

In the meantime, it was good to see the tangible benefits of virtual visits with Joyce Wray’s video link with her daughter “it’s nice to see one another and have a chat. It’s magic, it’s absolute magic.”

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