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Care Workers Walk More than 1 Million Steps for Prostate Cancer

Four residential care workers have marched their way through March in a bid to raise awareness and cash for Prostate Cancer UK.

Members of staff from Colchester based Newlands decided to take on the challenge of walking 11,000 steps a day after one of the individuals supported by the facility was diagnosed with end stage terminal prostate cancer.

The quartet walked more than one million steps between them over the month and raised £320 for the charity.

Newlands, which is a residential service that provides support for individuals with learning difficulties, mental health conditions, and autism, has been Alan Farmcombe’s home for more than 30 years. The 77-year-old, who is a popular character at the facility was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, prompting his carers to raise awareness of the deadly disease.

Alan’s love for the Beatles is common knowledge to others living at Newlands, who can often hear him humming to some of their hits of the 60s.

Laura Shea, Sarah Louise Pavitt, Elena Mitrea, and Victoria Ludwinowicz each walked 11,000 steps each day, and had customised t-shirts printed to raise awareness for the cause.

Laura Shea, deputy manager at Newlands said:
“We’re delighted to have raised £320 for Prostate Cancer UK and more importantly raise awareness of a disease that is often diagnosed too late.

“The other girls and I have our smart watches and often compare how many steps we have done in a day, so we decided that it was a great way to challenge ourselves by doing 11,000 steps a day.

“We’ve been up early most mornings getting the majority of our steps in before we start our working day.

“We love having Alan here at Newlands so it’s very sad to see him go through all this treatment for a disease which affects thousands of men across the UK every year.”

John Godden MBE, CEO at Salutem said:
“Everyone at the Salutem is very proud of the women at Newlands who have put in the miles for Prostate Cancer UK.

“The money they have raised will contribute to all the great work the charity is doing to help with early diagnosis and treatment for those with prostate cancer.

“We were very saddened to hear the news about Alan and its important as Salutem family we come together and support those who need it most.”


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