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Care Workers’ Charity Launches Their Manifesto Calling for Urgent Action on The Care Sector

The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) is calling on all political parties to talk about their strategy for addressing the pressing issues within the care sector. Care workers play a vital role in our society as skilled professionals who provide essential support.

The CWC says it is imperative that the next government prioritises the needs of care workers and ensures the sector receives the attention it deserves. We have witnessed the positive impact of dedicated funding and initiatives, from the establishment of the NHS in 1948 to the furlough scheme that supported so many through Covid. These examples showcase what can be achieved with a concerted effort and a genuine commitment to making a difference.

The time, the charity says, has come for our leaders to demonstrate the same level of determination in tackling the challenges faced by the care sector. The Care Workers’ Charity is launching a manifesto that calls for a paradigm shift in the perception of care.

• Let’s Talk About Value Instead of Cost, moving away from crisis-centric campaign messages to sharing the economic and societal value care brings
• Let’s Talk About Pay: When we discuss the value of care, we must also discuss the value of those who provide it, and we call for a £15 minimum wage for care workers
• Let’s Talk About Pride in Care: We call for working conditions that allow people to feel they are doing the best job
• Let’s Talk About Connection and Interconnection: We want to be part of a collective effort to foster a compassionate and equitable landscape.

The CWC is calling on all politicians to engage in meaningful discussions on the future of the care sector and to prioritise it as a key issue in the upcoming election and beyond, and is are extending an invitation to collaborate with cross-party politicians and all like-minded organisations and individuals who share our vision for a better and more sustainable care system.

A spokesperson said: “Together, we can bring about the necessary changes and ensure that care workers receive the recognition and support they truly deserve.”











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