Care Home’s Seaside Appeal For Resident Eddie’s 85th Birthday

SeaAN APPEAL has been issued to give an elderly care home resident a seaside birthday party – despite being almost 70 miles from the nearest coastal town.

Staff at Aden Lodge Care Home, in Clayton West, near Huddersfield, are hoping to fulfil resident Edward “Eddie” Case’s 85th birthday wish.

Unfortunately, Eddie is not able to travel to the coast, so the home is planning on bringing the coast to Eddie.

Staff will be creating an indoor beach for the day, complete with sandcastle making, volleyball and other beach games, mocktails and more.

They are also hoping to have an ice cream van and a donkey or pony visit the home and are appealing to anyone who can provide the traditional seaside attractions.

Kim Hardy, home manager at Aden Lodge Care Home, said: “Eddie is a hug fan of the great outdoors.

“On a recent walk around his home village of Clayton West, he was able to recall when he was a young lad and he would walk to school because “only well-off families could afford a car”, he said.

“He said he loved visits to the beach as a child, despite living a good one and a half hours drive away, so we thought we’d bring to beach to him for his 85th birthday.

“We need support to pull this off, however, so we’re appealing to anyone who can provide traditional seaside attractions such as an ice cream van, candyfloss maker, a donkey or pony rides. Anything that brings back memories of the seaside.

“We’re opening up the party to anyone who would like to join us for our seaside day on 23rd March. We’d like to see as many visitors as possible.”

Kim added: “We’re also appealing to the local community to see if we can get 85 birthday cards for his 85th – but all themed with the great outdoors, from beech themes to our wonderful countryside.”











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