Care Home Staff Wear Pyjamas To Help Residents Recognise Bedtime

Staff at The Beeches Residential Home, based in the village of Ixworth, are trialling a new evening uniform: their pyjamas!

The dementia specialist home recently trialled the initiative with the aim of providing a visual cue to residents that it is time for bed, helping individuals to settle happily for the evening.

For many individuals living with dementia, it can be confusing and disorientating to get ready for bed or wake in the middle of the night and see care staff working. So, by wearing nightclothes, the home hopes it will remind residents that it is night-time, helping them to get back to sleep.

Bev Shave, Deputy Manager of The Beeches Care Home, commented; “With many of our residents living with the later stages of dementia, we appreciate how confusing it must be to get ready for bed when a care worker is in a day-time uniform.

“Many individuals with dementia regularly struggle with sleep deprivation, which then leads to irritability and mood swings the next day, along with a lack of energy. We’re hoping that this trial will reduce their stress at bedtime and help them feel more at ease about going to bed”

“The quality of life for our residents is of the utmost importance to us. So, by improving sleeping patterns, we’re hoping to increase the happiness of our residents.”






















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