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Care Home Residents Learn the Ropes at Bell Ringing Challenge

A 50-day marathon bell ringing challenge concluded with residents from Care South’s Sussexdown residential care home in Storrington learning the ropes at Storrington Church on 30th April.

Starting with basic ringing patterns, 10 residents from Sussexdown were given a lesson on how the skill is performed. After some practice and careful instruction, the team were chiming bells together in harmony and performing short ‘methods’ – memorised ringing patterns that create a melodic tune.

This bell ringing activity was part of a challenge organised by the Activities Coordinator at Sussexdown care home, Vicky Chase, who wished to celebrate her 50th birthday on 27th April by ringing 50 Sussex bell towers in 50 days in the run up to and on the weekend of her birthday.

Vicky wants to encourage more people to train as bell ringers as the pandemic has left a shortage of those with the skill, whilst also recruiting ringers to ensure that all bells in West Sussex can be rung for the King’s Coronation.

Vicky, Activities Coordinator at Sussexdown, said:
“Many ringers stopped during the pandemic, but I hope I’ve inspired others to pick up the skill. Residents at Sussexdown were very enthusiastic about joining in on the challenge and they certainly have a natural talent for it. With the Coronation of King Charles III, now is the perfect time to ring for The King.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. Bell ringing a big passion of mine, and although it’s required a lot of work, I’m so pleased to involve so many new people in bell ringing. Bringing the challenge to a close with residents – people I already have lots of fond memories with – was a special way to end.”

One of the participating residents said:
“I love getting the chance to be involved in new experiences. I’ve never tried bell ringing before. Vicky is a great teacher and I’m very thankful we got to make new memories as part of her challenge. Happy birthday, Vicky.”














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