Care Home Hair Salon Gets Its Own Makeover

The hairdressing service at a Bupa care home has been given a makeover of its own under the supervision of the residents who use it.

Residents at the Craigbank Care Home in Glasgow were asked to give their views on what could be done to rejuvenate the hairdressing salon, and encourage even more people to use it.

Residents opted for a full redecoration, with their choices of wall paper and colour schemes.

The slick modern looking salon is now open for customers with a talented new stylist visiting every Monday.

Alan Twigg, manager at Bupa’s Craigbank care home said: “I am delighted that we’ve got a nice new look for the hairdressing room and a talented new stylist coming in, but even more pleased that our residents get so involved in the process.

“We’re always looking to get this level of engagement in the various projects at Craigbank and we know our residents really appreciate when their opinions shape the end result.

“Hopefully the new-look hairdressing service will be even more popular than the old one.”






















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