Care Group Leader At The Sharp End Of Flu Jab Promotion

fluLeading social care advocate Mike Padgham found himself at the sharp end of a promotion to encourage more people working in the sector to have their flu jabs this winter.

Mike, who is chair of the Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire), volunteered to have the injection to encourage others who work in the independent social care sector to have the jab themselves.

Mr Padgham said: “As winter approaches it is really important that people working in social care have the flu jab to protect themselves and those they are caring for.

“Many of the clients that carers work with are extremely vulnerable to flu and in some cases up to 70 times more likely to die from flu than others.

“Flu is a virus which spreads quickly in places like residential homes, so it is vital that people working in homes and those going from place to place delivering domiciliary care, get immunisation every year.”

Statistics show that when take up of the annual flu jab is high amongst both clients and those working with them, there is a significant reduction in cases.

Mike was joined by Mike Webster, Assistant Director with North Yorkshire County Council, to have a flu jab (pictured on the left).

North Yorkshire County Council is responsible for improving public health in North Yorkshire and the frontline flu vaccination promotion is an initiative aimed at helping to achieve that aim.














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