Care England Announces Appointment Of Honorary Nursing Advisors

Care England, the largest representative body for social care providers, has today announced the appointment of two special advisors on nursing, who will strengthen the organisation’s networks and help to develop policy on nursing and care issues.

Both Professor Trish Morris-Thompson and Deborah Sturdy have distinguished careers in nursing and have worked at very senior levels in the Department of Health, the NHS and the independent sector.

Care England Chief Executive, Professor Martin Green, said:

“There is a crisis in nursing recruitment across the independent care sector and Care England is determined to look for solutions and find ways to support nurses who are currently working in the independent sector. These nurses make an enormous contribution to the health and well-being of people living in care services and are clinical leaders within their sector.”

Martin continued:

“Ms Sturdy and Prof Morris-Thompson are both consummate professionals who live the values of health and social care and are passionate about ensuring that there is a good quality of life for people living in care services. They are both creative and innovative thinkers, who are prominent nurse leaders and opinion formers, and it will be of enormous benefit to Care England and the independent sector to have their expertise, experience and input into policy.”


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