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Cardiff Care Home Resident, 94, Publishes Book About His Life During COVID-19

A 94-year-old Cardiff man, Bob Skinner, has published a book describing his life as a care home resident during the coronavirus pandemic. Pandemic! My Care Home Diary, tells the inspiring story of how Bob lived and thrived during the pandemic at Sunrise of Cardiff care home.

The book is based on Bob’s blog diary, which he began in March 2020 as coronavirus swept Britain. As a former journalist, Bob has a true reporter’s eye for the events of the year that changed our lives for ever, explaining how he recovered after three weeks in hospital with coronavirus. He also recalls his first reunion with his family, shown live on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Moving and often amusing, Pandemic! My Care Home Diary gives a unique account of what life was like for Britain’s care home residents during the worst pandemic for over 100 years. Bob’s book will be a lasting tribute to the carers who risked their own lives looking after their vulnerable residents.

Speaking of the book, Robert Skinner, Bob’s son who also edited the book, said:

“I was keen to publish Bob’s diary as a book as it gives a unique eye witness account of what it was like to live in a care home through the pandemic. We are so proud of Bob – his resilience and high spirits have inspired the whole family during these troubled times. We hope Pandemic! My Care Home Diary will be valuable for anyone studying how people in Wales and Britain lived through the biggest health emergency for a century – and a lasting tribute to carers everywhere.”

Sara Reading, the General Manager of Sunrise of Cardiff, said:

“Bob’s touching account of the COVID-19 pandemic provides a unique and personal record of his experience while living at our care home. Although a challenging time, Bob’s story of life at Sunrise of Cardiff depicts the reality of this era, including the unexpected joys and community spirit which helped us through the worst public health crisis in a century.”

Pandemic! My Care Home Diary is available as an eBook and can be accessed here: